Performance Packages (Starting at $240)

It can be a struggle to live our best lives. Childcare, caregiving, work and school can all make healthy choices seem impossible. And, oftentimes the health information available is not based in science. Rather, it is based on a product or fad diet that is not scientifically proven to make a lasting change. This can put you right back on the same roller coaster and not feeling your best. Together, with my strategic partner, Ellie Baker (M.S., R.D., L.D.N.), we will provide you with the support you need to make your life better. We have designed a 3 week and 6 week package that includes more than just diet and exercise advice and packaged meal plans. Each program will be tailored to you and your needs and you will see lasting results. 

Group/Team Talks ($299 plus travel)

Consumers, both adults and children, are bombarded with misinformation about food and healthy behaviors. Most of the bad information is generated in order to make companies more profitable. Face it, the phone company would rather you stay up all night texting than getting a good night’s sleep, and food with high concentrations of additives lead to larger profits. Combating some of the misinformation and sharing the latest performance research can help your group meet their highest goals. 

Pantry/Fridge Makeovers (starting at $49)


Don’t know where to begin? Via Facetime or Skype, we can simply look in your pantry and fridge and give you ideas and modifications to help you and your family get back on track and feeling their best. We can also help you with special dietary needs such as preparing food that is gluten free or reflux friendly. 

Health Writing ($100 per hour)

As a weekly health writer since 2004, Dr. Davenport can simply communicate complicated health ideas to your intended audience.