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High Performance

"I appreciate all that you have done for us. It's been so helpful to have you on our side."

- D1 Mens Lacrosse Coach

"I definitely would love to bring you in this season again as you had a huge impact on our team!"

-NCAA Final Four Basketball Coach

"Listening to you, I have already learned so much and I am putting it into place, asking players how much sleep they are getting when they come to me with a bad performance.” 

- Football Special Teams Coach


"Every session our team has had with Tracy has been so valuable to our overall success and health outcomes."

- D3 Rowing Coach

Hear what others say about partnering with me

"You are a great writer Tracy!"

- Pediatric Dermatoligst


"Thanks for being so on top of everything Tracy—you are a real pro and I appreciate it!"

- Executive Editor

"We are extremely grateful for you!"

- Editor

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"All I can say is WOW!. The information is unbelievable. I just sent [your podcast] to all my players and parents and told them it is mandatory to listen!"

- High School Football Coach

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