About Tracy



Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Nutritional awareness

Long-lasting change

Stress management

My Story


Humble Beginnings

Our first smoothie shop opened in 2014 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

During that time, we heard so much about the everyday struggles people faced in trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Over time, we started bottling smoothies so that we could reach more people with healthy food. We discovered that everyone’s journey to health was unique and many asked us for advice about how to live their best lives.


We then partnered with a long-time friend and Registered Dietician, to put together comprehensive programs to help people reach their health goals.


Our mission is simple: To help you achieve lifestyle performance at the highest level. Whether you are a college athlete, busy parent or are retired and still looking to live your best life, we can help.


What Separates Us

Some people make fitness claims not based in research, rather they just want to push a product or a program with no scientific basis. Not us.


Tracy holds a Ph.D. in Human Growth and Development, from the University of Delaware, and all of the company’s products and recommendations are based on the latest scientific evidence.