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About Tracy

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High Performance Specialties


  • Sleep Education

  • Digestive Wellness

  • Inflammatory Arthritis

  • Nutritional Awareness

  • Long Lasting Change

  • Young Adult Life Skills

My Story

Twenty years ago, my youngest son was born with a chronic illness. That experience inspired me to pursue a doctorate in Human Growth and Development and focus on integrated health and disease and disability.


My husband and I wrote a book during that time to help other parents, which led to a health writing job for an online health magazine, covering digestive disorders, rheumatoid disorders, mental health problems, and neurological disorders.


At the same time I was writing for a national publication, I was also teaching psychology, human growth and development, and counseling to college students.

I realized that some of the same basic practices that were good for those with chronic disease could also help athletes soar higher and reach their peak potential.

It wasn’t long after receiving my doctorate degree that my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Compared to when my son was sick, this time I knew so much more about an integrated approach to helping her live her best life. I also learned that sleep is key to reaching our highest goals and to reducing our chances of developing Alzheimer’s. That’s when I decided it was time to hit the road to share the message with student athletes and other performance-based groups.


My mission is simple: To help you achieve lifestyle performance at the highest level. Whether you are a college athlete, busy parent or are retired and still looking to live your best life, we can help.


What Separates Me

Some in the health industry push products to help with performance. My recommendations are not based on a single product, but an academic understanding that there are multiple factors that are always at play when it comes to our health and wellness.


I help people understand that success around health and performance is based on a long-term relationship we have with ourselves and our environment. I then share tools that can take performance to the next level. I also listen.


I have met with literally thousands of college athletes and have heard what keeps them up at night. From these voices, I know it is not enough just to tell someone they need sleep.

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